Monday, 17 November 2014

Art: shapes to show fast and slow music

In our art lesson we listened to some of Vivaldi's song's from 'The Four Seasons'.  We listened to fast music and thought about how it made us feel.  As we listened we drew shapes to represent fast music in colours of our choice.  We also listened to slow music and drew shapes to represent how we felt. For some of us the fast music made us feel sad, and the slow music made us feel happy and relaxed. In some of the songs we could almost hear birds tweeting in spring, thunder, waves and other things in nature.   It was really interesting to see everyone's unique interpretations of the music.

Making iceblocks

As part of our Inquiry where we are learning about change, we made iceblocks.  We observed the sugar crystals change colour when the water was added.  The crystals dissolved into the water when stirred, and the water changed into ice when frozen.  We had great discussions about ice, and we really enjoyed eating the iceblocks afterwards.  Yum!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Jiggling Jelly!

We made the final layer of our rainbow jelly today for our Inquiry topic called 'Change'.  The colour of traffic lights.

Harry talked about how the crystals DISSOLVED into the water.

Zara used great vocabulary like JIGGLING JELLY.

Jozsef mixed together the jelly until all the colours became one and OBSERVED that the colour CHANGED from green, red and orange to just ORANGE!

We used words like "thick, mmmm, sweet, tasty, and yummy".

We can use these great words and these photos in our independent story writing next week.