Friday, 28 August 2015

Discovery learning Week 6 Term 3

Nash's holiday to Australia

Nash and his family are having an amazing time in Australia on holiday for the week.  Here are some great photos of Nash with his brothers that his Mum kindly sent us.  Looking forward to seeing you next week Nash.  Thanks for the great photos!

From Room 17

Isaac's holiday... castles, knights, mazes and more!

Hi Everyone,

Here are just a few of the highlights of yet another fun packed week.

Yes, more castles!  This castle was called Goodrich and Isaac got the opportunity to dress up as a knight and play a part in a (pretend) coronation.  We learnt that a coronation I s a ceremony when a King or Queen gets crowned .

After our play acting we went to a maze and had to navigate our way to the centre and out again.  The hedges were taller than all the grown ups so no one could cheat by looking over the top to find the right route.  Can you see Isaac in the middle?  Luckily he made it out so will see you in class in just 2 weeks time.

The last 2 pictures show Isaac with his Dad driving a digger ( great fun for both boys) and on a ferry going across a river called the Mersey in Liverpool , England.

Tomorrow we are going to Chester Zoo( again in England) and hope to see some elephants!

From Isaac and family

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Isaac's holiday updates

Hello Everyone, 

What an exciting first week Isaac has had visiting his Gran and Tadcu and meeting his little cousins from Canada.

Earlier in the week we walked around the roman walls of a Town called Chester.  The Romans were people who lived a long time ago, around 2000 years ago.  They built the wall to keep their town safe from invaders. 

Today we went to Raglan castle.  A very old castle which is 700 years old. We climbed the towers, walked around the moat and had a look in the dungeons.  I have sent some pictures of the castle and off and my cousins and Gran and Tadcu (granddad).

See you soon



Hi Isaac

Thanks so much for your great emails.  We absolutely love getting them and seeing all the exciting things you have been doing.

We wrote a story about your trip on the big plane to England and we plan to write a story about the castle you visited this week as a class.

We hope you are enjoying some warm weather as it has been freezing here!

We miss you.  Have fun

From Mrs Waldron and Room 17.